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Geocaching Adventure – Byaduk Caves
August 6, 2019

Welcome everyone to my new photography website!

H Hello and welcome to everyone, This is my first post on my new website, so hopefully it all looks and works out great!

My aim is to publish my work and efforts to within a website where the whole world can view and enjoy my work, Primarily this blog/post section will be used for adventures i am planning on going to, am currently at, or places I have been and would like to share with you.

I frequently go out to places and explore them with friends and family, A number of my friends are more into Drone Photography over the usual standard DLSR imagery, but that doesn't stop me tagging along and enjoying a great time!. Over here in Australia it has been a long and cold winter season, but within the next few months the summer sun will once again shine and i can go outside with the camera without freezing my fingers off!

Some Upcoming Events


Some Water Sports Action!.

Without a doubt my favorite thing to do in summer is to take out the Jetski and blast it across the bay. Hopefully I will be able to catch some images of dolphins out on the water, Though i have had trouble in the past with them kindly posing while I snap their picture, Wild dolphins are not as friendly as they make them out to be in the zoos, but they sure are a very curious animal thats a certain. As well as dolphins seals are pretty awesome too, even if they are quite smelly.

Whilst out on the bay, I am a big fan of long exposure photography as you will see with most of my photos, So be prepared to see almost every beach rock formation on the southern side of Victoria. As well as lighthouses, i have a thing with lighthouses at nighttime. i like the majestic feel of a lighthouse on a cloudy night, though i don't like the cold weather. So this could be an issue thats for sure.

Another dream of mine is to photograph the Aurora Australis, one day i will catch this wonderful light-work in the sky.

But I am starting to ramble on now, so i will finish there. Feel free to check out my galleries of images which I will try to frequently add to. You can find this by clicking on Photography tab up in the top menu, or the 3 lines on the right hand side if you are on a mobile.

And don't forget to REGISTER with the website ITS FREE!. Later down the track I might throw some competitions out to members, and i am currently creating a list of my favorite locations to shoot photos at which i will only be sharing with my members. Being a member also allows you to comment on my blog posts and images more easily. Which is AWESOME!. (For me that is :P
Thanks everyone I hope you enjoy your stay, and will return soon. xo

Photographer, Editor/Admin of the Website!

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