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The Grampians – Chimney Pots

October 31, 2019
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October 23, 2019
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November 3, 2019

Chimney Pots, Grampians National Park

T The Grampians National Park, Is a huge rocky range located in the central west of Victoria, its got so many different hikes to complete its not funny you could quite literally spent weeks out here exploring everything this park has to offer. Its really tailored for experienced hikers with pretty good fitness levels (Better than mine anyway). And rock-climbers, there are so many cliff edges which could spell all kinds of disaster for anyone who is not too careful on their feet.

But today I'm not going to be that adventurous, Today is just one of 2 days ill be spending at the Grampians, Exploring some of the sights to see in the area.

Today's mission was to climb to the summit of The Chimney Pots, which is located in the Southern Left Arm of the Grampians. They get this name basically due to what they look like, 2 massive columns looking like chimneys, these climb straight up out of the surrounding ground and rise above a good 50-80 Meters above the rest of the area. From as far as i can tell there is no possible way to get onto the top of these structures unless you own a helicopter or are an adventurous mountain climber. I was happy enough just sitting at the viewing platform next to them.
O Our adventure started nice and early in the morning, I picked up one of my longtime buddys from highschool days and we set off nice and early as we had a good 3 hour drive ahead of us to make it to the Grampians in-time for the walk, which shouldnt take to long we thought as it was only a few kilometers round trip, But we wernt quite expecting the gradient the climb was at, PHEW lots of hard walking.

So we took it in little sections as my Asthma was playing up making it somewhat difficult to breathe, and the 36C temperatures we not helping any either. So bit by bit we went up the climb to the summit, Vlad my friend was almost running up the hill while i was struggling in the back sucking on my drink bottle. Midway up the climb we found a cool rock cave, it was an awesome way to cool off for awhile, the air flowing through was great, and we found some fly trap plants we poked and closed them up, so now they will probably die haha.

We spent a few well earned minutes sitting in this cave cooling off, until it was time to get on the move once again, and up we continued towards the viewing platform, This section of the hike was likely the hardnest of the day, the elevation climb was insane it reminded me of the Chute road hike at Mount Macedon, the legs were pumping thats for sure.

A After only about an hour we somehow made it up to the viewing platform HORRAY!. The views up top were as amazing as we thought, It had the full Lion King Pride Rock feeling too it standing up and above everything around, Well almost anyway the chimney pots were still a massive structure which towered over us making us feel small, So i took some photos of the area and most of the cliff faces to try and demonstrate just how big these things are!.

So the next mission was to see if there are any Geocaches in the area, as you do. And lucky enough there was one close by called "The Chimney Pots GC78JKZ" funny enough, So we attempted to have a look for the cache but after a good hour of searching we fell short and was not able to find it, I had an idea what it was in one of the small caves inside the rock but i wasn't able to find it, So i had to bite the bullet and move along, Maybe next time i will ask the owner for a clue or something, I was pretty bummed about it though.

N Next was to come back down the hill once again so we set off heading down the eastern side of the track, The decent this way was alot more steeper i think that the climb on the other side, but the scenery was much more pleasant with ferns and lots of overhead trees blocking the hot sunlight coming from above, This track had alot more dirt to walk on which was nice meaning a lot less twisted ankles, even though i still managed to twist a few it was worth it.

Eventually we came back to the intersection where we veered off for our climb, at this point the track was mostly flat and a relative smooth easy wack back to the car. Eventually we made it back and glad to be able to drink some coolish water. Next mission was to find campsite for the night, and with The Grampians being a National Park there is no free camping, everything must be paid and book in beforeand, i think its absolute garbage, so i decided the best bet would be to head to Rocklands Reservoir for the night and camp there.

20 Minutes later we arrived at the planned Fergusons Campgrounds and we found an open area free from trees which is much more difficult than first thought as the whole place is filled with them even the water was chockers. So we setup our tables and chairs and got out the cameras for some night time astrophotography

GPX Details of this Trip Below.

Total distance: 6296 m
Max elevation: 758 m
Min elevation: 453 m
Total climbing: 532 m
Total descent: -501 m
Average temperature: 30.1
Total time: 02:25:28
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