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Point Smythe

September 17, 2019
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August 6, 2019
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October 23, 2019

Point Smythe, Venus Bay

S So Finally some Sunny weather is along us!, What a better time to go exploring. This time down to Inverloch, I have heard that this place has great beaches that alot of the Jetski community like to travel to due to the large swells that come along these beaches, But after today im not so sure anymore.

My day started with me having to drive to Korrumburra to order in a few modifications for my 4WD, Getting a new drawer system put in which will make these camping/hiking adventures way more enjoyable. The drive down was pretty great, i really like driving through this area, the forest scenery is really nice, I'd recommend giving it ago.

But once finished with my main purpose of the trip I decided that the beach isnt too far away and might be worth the drive out to have a look and see for myself what Inverloch was all about, and what the hoo-har was with these Jetski meet-ups. But first before we reached any water i had to decide where i wanted to go, Inverloch looks alright but its a built up town and not all that interesting to be honest, So how do you decide where to go? You bring out the Geocaching APP on the phone and let it decide for you. And today it decided to head out to Point Smythe.

Point Smythe is a part of the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park which spans south down the coast to you guessed it Cape Liptrap, Point Smythe starts right after Venus Bay and continues right down to a point opposite Inverloch, Point Smythe is sandwiched between Bass Strait and Andersons Inlet which runs into the Tarwin river, and after the recent rains the tarwin rivier was running at pretty much full speed, Which was nice to see.

S So after the drive down to the end of Lees Road, we come to a closed gate, meaning this is the end to our driving adventure and its time to laceup those walking shoes and get ready for a 11km hike along this trail.

This park had a few Geocaches to be found, 13 of them in fact, Mostly all being the same theme to them but equally as fun, The first caches brought me to the northern side of the park along Andersons Inlet, there wasn't all that much appealing about this area to be honest. Mostly covered in swampy grasslands which you are not allowed to enter due to protection of the vegetation, so not much time was spent here. The trails were all easily marked as most were firetrails for the DEWLP to get through.

After these swampy lands I continued along the road and found a few private houses, pretty awesome place to have a house out here (Untill the bushfires eat everything up). Just after these i found a few little streams I had to navigate over, they were nothing impassable, once i built my stick bridges that is, balancing across this flimsy thing hoping i dont get my shoes wet was quite stressful.

N Now the soggy bit was done i made it back onto the waters edge of the Anderson Inlet, where another Geocache as located waiting for me. While i was looking at the insides of this cache I heard some weird sounds coming from the beach sand, it sounded like it was bubbling and moving, So thanks to my curiosity i went and had a look, and to my amazement i found literally millions of tiny blue crabs digging into the sand and moving around, I had never seen such a thing before.

As awesome as this was it kinda gave me the heebie-jeebies and made me all itchy, and for the next 30 minutes of the hike i kept jumping around thinking they were walking on my back, I was surprised there were no seabirds in the area feasting on these little buggers because there was no joke millions of them, I wonder if there is a reason they don't get touched, maybe they bite the seagulls or something. Or the seagulls are just stupid and would rather feast on the chips dropped outside maccas in Inverloch

Moving on with the hike the trail took me back into the park and along some obstacles with fallen trees, for some reason this next 2km section had heaps of fallen trees along the trail, was it because the rangers just hadn't got this far in yet? Or was there something going on that I just didn't know about yet. Coming along I came to an intersection of trails, at which i met another family walking their dog and pushing a child in a pram, I warned them about the trees and how it would be quite a challenge, of corse they didn't listen to me and went on their own way, (which i ran into later in the walk because they took a U-Turn to come back haha).

So following the road straight to head out onto the beach area i came to another obstacle that being the trail ending with a 2 meter drop off onto the sand dunes below, This wasnt an obstacle really but i knew once I jumped down there was not any turning back and i was committed to the 5km beach trail that returns back onto the main trail later, So off i went walking along the beach.
L Luckly it was low tide when i started the walk, so i had lots of compacted sand to walk along because it would have got tiring pretty quickly with my feet digging into the sand. The beach walk was quite enjoyable with the sound of the waves crashing to my right, and the sun slowly setting behind me. Not a single person was to be seen the whole walk, these sorts of things just make you get the feeling that the world really is quite a large place.

After a good hour walk i finally reached the entrance/exit point to the beach so it was time to leave unfortunately, i would to have loved walking the whole way right back to Venus Bay, but that would mean i would have to walk up a bitumen road to get back to the car, and that exit point would have been a good 4km down the beach, and with the rising tide i would have been pushed back into the soft sand and that would have slowed me down and make the trek continue into the night.

So i left it behind and had a look for another 4 Geocaches which were nearby, I was successful with 3 of them, as the 4th was quite difficult and got me beat on how to find it. So i walked along the inland track which joint up with the main track i was following earlier. Once it made it to this point the adventure was almost over unfortunately, and the only thing left was the return back to the car,

But this was a good adventure that i had enjoyed quite alot, Its been a while waiting for a good beach front walk and this one proved pretty exciting, something that i might come back at another point to have a look at.

GPX Details of this Trip Below.

Total distance: 11817 m
Max elevation: 30 m
Min elevation: 13 m
Total climbing: 382 m
Total descent: -378 m
Average temperature: 23.3
Total time: 03:41:32
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