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Loggers Lane Loop, Warby Ranges

May 17, 2020
Razorback Track Distraction Hike!
December 25, 2019

Loggers Lane Loop, Warby Ranges

F Finally, The Corona Virus Lockdowns have been somewhat lifted. Not competly, but enough to be able to go outside once again and go for a walk. Alot of things have changed for me recently well since my last post anyway. My jobs have changed and now i am constantly moving around the country, Currently i am in a small town called Corowa which is not too far away from Wangaratta which is where this hike was done.

It is located in the Warby-Ovens National Park Ranges about 10 minutes West of Wangaratta, and join on with Glenrowan to the south of the ranges. The name of Warby-Ovens comes from the nearby Ovens river which some of the major creeks within this park flow into. And the name Warby comes from a Sheep Farmer named Benjamin Warby who lived in the area in 1844. Most commonly called the Warby Ranges was declared a state park in 1978 and then was later declared a national park in June 2010.

The area is known for its Ironbark ecosystems and endangered bird life that live in the area, this is the reason of changing to a national park, to protect the ecosystems within. The park is known for having alot of granite rocks and sedimentary lower foothills. Mount Glenrowan which is located in the park was known as a vantage point used by the Kelly Gang to scope out the surrounding town of Glenrowan.

So there is some background on the location, lets go onto my story!
A After building up the energy to venture out of my lazy habits, i thought it would be a good idea to go out hiking somewhere for the day and as always maybe find a Geocache or 2. So i loaded up my trusty AllTrails App on my phone to see what hikes were close to me, and to be honest from Corowa not too many sparked my interest at first until i went looking towards Wangaratta, which is roughly 40 minutes drive. I looked at the Warby Ranges and found 4 different hikes in the region, 3 of them were 12+km and only one 7km hike, so guess which one i chose!. Hah!

I thought after being 6 months without any walking action i better start off slowly so i don't go and blow myself up on the first day out. So i chose the "Loggers Lane Loop" trail. It looked to be rather easy with only a few small climbs and a doozy towards the end. Which i was pretty sure i could handle.

So off i set to the Ryan's Lookout Car-park, and to my surprise the car-park was completely empty, i would have thought after these lock-downs being less strict everyone would be taking advantage of the outdoors, i guess people are too scared to come outside!. So here i was at Ryan's Lookout Tower (Pictured above) and i gave it a climb to the top, to be honest the views were pretty average, the trees were all overgrown as they usually are with these vantage point things. So that view lasted like 2 minutes lol.. But there was a Geocache just below it so i had to pick it up (GC5YJMC).

And then off i set folowing the map like a lost person, the trail led me into the Ranges along waht looked to my a Mountian Biking Trail which slowly climbed its way up the hills and eventually i think i was at the bike trailhead where it connected onto a dirt road used by maintenance vehicles. I thought why didnt i bring my brand new mountian bike along here!, then i remembered i left the bloody thing in Wagga! GAHH!. During the climb i came across some interesting trees, which looked to be doing some adult 18+ sorta thing, are you thinking what i am thinking B1?
M Moving on after my silly giggles, i ventured along to the other-side of the ranges which displayed some amazing views overlooking the countryside to the west, Wangaratta township was just off frame to the right, but the Wangaratta golf course can be seen down the bottom near the lake. Just up from this location was some type of summit, i have no idea what the mountain i was climbing was called, but somebody built some kind of Cairn to show the summit of it.

Cool anyways the views sucked so i moved on, and started to head back down the track and onto the main road called "Loggers Lane" assuming the road was created for log trucks to gain access to the park, Good luck with that now-a-days with the amount of trees that have fallen down blocking the path! They made for some obstacles to climb over.
T The Next location was a Geocache (GC78CCY) which pretty much changed my entire plan for the hike, its was a little off the track (Well quite alot acturally) and i ventured a good 600 meters from the road into bushland that didnt have any tracks or anything to follow. Just following my compass thing to locate this cache, Eventually it was found and the views were pretty amazing, Stading on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Warby ranges where i had just walked from, Little did i know at the time my next Geocache (GC78CC1) was located right down the bottom!!

So i sat down for a little bit and took in the fresh air (Well really i was buggered, its been along time!). And once the flies started to annoy me it was time to move on again!. I knew i wasnt going to be able to walk directly to my next cache as this would be a drop off of a good 100 meter decent, and if you havent read my previous adventure you know im no good at climbing down cliffs!.

So i started to head back to the main road where i had come from, but kept an eye out for any chance to take a shortcut and sure enough to my luck i came across the sound of a waterfall, i know this was a good sign as this is where the geocache was located, shortly after i came to a small water stream. I knew this was the way i had to go and i happened to also find an animal trail along the stream which made it heaps more easy to follow along!.
A After following the stream for a few hundred meters i came to a water crossroad, I knew there were 2 waterfalls as there were Geocaches at both locations, So i followed it along to the First Waterfall and probably my favorite of the 2, there wasn't too much water flowing from here but enough to cool off in. So i stood under it for awhile and got myself soaked, Ohh it felt awesome!.

I was tempted for a drink from here too, as i forgot to bring water bottles with me as usual, but i knew you shouldn't really drink untreated water. So i left it (for now). The Geocache was found without too many worries and just a few slips on the soggy Moss that was growing around everywhere. After playing in the water for abit it was time to venture down the stream to the second and much bigger waterfall!
G Getting down the stream wasnt all to hard really, most of the area was covered in grippy grantie rock which it really stuck to your shoes, and if you happen to have fallen onto it then yeah it would have gripped to your face too! There were a few cascades of water flowing through the rock formations which looked pretty good, such as the cover photo for this article for example.

As i got got closer i could hear the water splashing start to ramp up a little until i got to the edge, as i looked over the edge to what looked like a massive slippery slide, it wasnt quite a waterfall as such but more of a rapid looking waterslide!, the rock was covered in moss and was polished nice and smooth, i was really tempted to slide down it and see how fast i could go. But if i had broken a leg or something then getting back to the car would have been pretty difficult as I still have to climb back up the water fall!.. To my luck the Geocache was located down the bottom so i had to carefully climb down the 50 meter slope to the base of the waterslide!. As you can see in the photos the angle of the slide was pretty terrifying but would have been so much fun!

The cache was found and another photo was taken from the bottom of the fall. Now time to climb back up and out of this place and onto the main track i had forgotten all about, and make my way back to the carpark to finish off this adventure!. Climbing back up wasnt as bad as i had expected, as the rock was mostly stable and didnt fall apart, and there wasnt too much slippery dirt like my Razorback trail adventure. Eventually i climbed up and ot to the cascades and climbed them too, and before i knew it i was back at my first waterfall. The water sounded tempting to drink!. Even more so this time after the grewling climb up the falls, My heart rate was easily smashing a good 185BPM. (Imagine is music was that quick). So i thought bugger it, i took 2 mouth fulls of the water and drank it, maan it tasted awesome, no way i could get sick some something this good. I always find it strange for stream water to taste better than most town water.

But anyway i didnt risk it too much and was happy with that and set off back to the track. Which really from this point forward wasn't really exciting, it was a loose rocky climb up a hill and then back down the other side. Not much more than that really, 2km down the road and i was back to the carpark. And the adventure was all over.

Quite an exciting day, and glad to be able to get back outside again, Who known when my next adventure will be posted as my working hours are all over the place at the moment, Im hoping to explore some of the trails near Tumut, which is east of Gundagai in New South Wales. As the next stage of my work project is based in Wagga Wagga in NSW. But until then stay safe and look after each other!.

GPX Details of this Trip Below.

Total distance: 11566 m
Max elevation: 468 m
Min elevation: 250 m
Total climbing: 529 m
Total descent: -516 m
Average temperature: 25.9
Total time: 03:06:05
Photographer, Editor/Admin of the Website!

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