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Its Summer, And Jetski’s are back!

October 23, 2019
Point Smythe
September 17, 2019
The Grampians – Chimney Pots
October 31, 2019

Port Phillip Bay, Altona

I It's getting closer to November, and finally a few days of good weather is coming closer, some 27C+ days until the weekend than it all goes bad again. But today makes the first official Jetski ride for 2019-2020 season for me, Though i was riding alone but that's all the fun of the adventure.

I prepped the ski the night before making sure it would start after its long 8 month hibernation period as the battery was getting low on charge I thought surely its probably damaged or something, but i let it stay on the charger for a week and it seemed to have come up quite okay, the ski started up first crank, It spewed a blanket of smoke in the driveway from the fogging oil which is put into it to end the last years season.

I also rushed off to BCF to go and buy a new torch for the ski, as the other one i had got filled up with water, Even though it was meant to be water proof haha yeah right!. I found that Eveready now many smaller Dolphin torches to make 4x AA batteries instead of those clunky 6-Volt things, so I had to get one of those to make the ski all compliant once again.
O Off to Altona for the virgin ride of 2019, The plan was to originally ride across to St Kilda and have a look at Sandbar Cafe, Play around a bit then come back home. But when i arrived at Altona the wind was perfect, not a breath to be felt there was no swell or chop to be seen or felt and the forecast says its all smooth right down the peninsula, So that was my new plan to go and ride to frankston, a 100km+ trip.

I have never done such a long trip by myself before so this ride was going to be nerve wracking that's for sure, hopefully the ski can hold itself together for the journey and not explode a piston out of the side of the block like it did a few seasons ago at Lake Eppalock. So the ski was launched at the Altona ramp and thanks to the new FREE boat ramp fees which were announced earlier in the season i didn't have to pay the $20 to put the boat in the water, how awesome was that, No fines for you this time Hobson's Bay Council!!!

So after an easy ride though numerous jellyfish, For some reason Altona is always packed full with seaweed and Jellyfish?, I rode around Gellibrand shoal, a rocky area near the mouth of the Yarra River, Crossed the shipping lanes and before i knew it i was at Sandbar cafe, Slight swells were coming from across the bay but nothing that's going to ruin anyone's day. I took out my anchor and gave it a shot as i had some issues with it last season as the chain i was using wasn't heavy enough and the anchor just dragged along the sand!. But now with my new upgraded chain the anchor now does it job as its meant to. Horray!.
N Next stop was to start heading down the East side of the peninsula and see how far i could travel until i got bored or ran outta petrol. So i started the journey i plugged some coordinates into my watch so i didn't get lost and followed them along, with the bay as calm as it was i could almost smash the throttle at full buzz but that would have just burned extra fuel i didn't really wanna spend just yet, So i put the ski in Eco mode which limits its top speed to 80km/h plenty fast enough really when your just cruising like i was.

after a good 10 minutes the finger starts to cramp and its time for a breather, so my first stop was at Black Rock where the crashed submarine is located, i didn't take any photos of this as quite honestly i forgot all about it, i was more obsessed in my face getting fried by the sun smashing down on me as i forgot to put some sunscreen on earlier and the buzzing in my ears from the wind blowing in them. So fingers stretched sunscreen applied and riding gloves and goggles on i was ready to start another riding session.

Once i get started riding once more i came across a group of dolphins playing around with each other, sights like this are amazing and why i'm glad to be able to get out on the water. I turn the engine off and watched them swim around me for awhile until they decided to go their own ways. Then i continued my journey to Frankston Pier.

Half an hour later i arrived, i came into shore and anchored down for a bit to have a stretch and reapply more sunscreen which was pretty much washed off by now. And then it was time for the 38km journey back to Altona, this is the part i was worried about as i had never done a journey like this before, I still had a half tank left of fuel so that wasn't going to be an issue, I was just worried about the engine exploding. So i set off with the limiter locked onto 80km/h and i was back at St Kilda in no time, I took a bit of a detour as its much easier riding back to the city then to try and find where altona is located, because once you see the city towers and get close enough to them. The spotswood power-station chimney becomes visible so then you head towards that, and when your close enough head to the fuel refinery chimneys, and then follow the shoreline to a sandy bit and in there you will find the boat ramps, simple!.

But getting to the ramp was the easy part, then ext section was the wait for getting the jetski back out of the water, as this boat ramp was PACKED with other boaties going out for an afterwork fish before it got dark, so i had to wait in the queue and get the car ready to pounce on an open ramp, 10 Minutes later i had the car backed up, ready to load on the jetski, Finally i managed to fight my way through the huge amounts of moss and seaweed that is taking over this ramp slowly and get the ski loaded back on the trailer. And that was just about it pretty much, another day done a tank of fuel burned. I'm thinking about taking a journey out towards Werribee and Geelong next visit, maybe. Let see how things go!.

GPX Details of this Trip Below.

Total distance: 110169 m
Max elevation: 20 m
Min elevation: -11 m
Total climbing: 1036 m
Total descent: -1023 m
Average temperature: 23.2
Total time: 03:29:55
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