The Adventurer Photographer

I Am TROY HUNT, A Photographer on the move. A Blogging photographer who enjoys landscape and astro-photography,

To Me, there is nothing better hiking out to the wilderness of nowhere setting up camp and taking a few photos overlooking a wonderful landscape, while the city sleeps and the wildlife continues to move forward. .

I was born back in November of 1988 in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. Though i was born in a major city i have spent all my life living in the country, I guess thats the reason for my interest in landscapes and serenity.

Im not a full-timer photographer, this is just merely 1 of many hobbies i have, Through the summer months you will usually find me out on Lake Eppalock in central Victoria, or sometimes out in the Port Phillip Bay down in the city jumping some waves. When winter comes though ill be in the country driving around in my 4WD smashing through mud puddles.

Where ever I might be i like to get away from everything and enjoy a good hike out in the wilderness, setup camp and relax to the sound of a crackling campfire while cooking some tasty burgers!

As of late i have acquired an interest in photo manipulation images and the enjoyment of editing them in photoshop to create fantasy like dreams i wish i could only see in real life, People have varied opinions of these images, But it is what i enjoy doing.

As you will see majority of my work in either manipulated, Night-scape, Landscape, or Drone photography. You wont see too many photo of people and city life from me, I don't enjoy it. I work my everyday job in the city and i get quite tired of all the city life fast-paced movements people seem to want to do. I like working alone, which is probably a reason i don't really do photo shoots, They can be arranged of corse but its not my forte.

So please browse around my website and enjoy my work, Feel free to use the contact section to let me know how you feel about it. Thanks Everyone!



- To explore new areas, different geological locations.
- Fast Food.
- Warm Summer Nights.
- The smell and sound of pine trees blowing in the wind.
- Long road trips.
- Lightning and thunder (Thunderstorms I guess).
- Camping / Hiking.
- Geocaching (Search for it, its awesome!!).
- Enjoy Electronic Music, Such as Trance and House.
- On-line PC Gaming, I'm quite Competitive!


- Headaches.
- Flat Batteries.
- Vegetables, Plants are gross!.
- Traffic and delays.
- Argumentative people.
- Expensive fuel prices.
- The Color Green, and Yellow.
- Broken Taco Shells.
- The Smell of wet newspapers.
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